While writing can be a solitary pursuit, editing is a collaboration, a partnership between the author and the editor. First-time authors are often reluctant to let me look at their work, afraid that it’s not good enough. Which is really what my job is, helping an author make their writing better. 


I will never tell you that your baby is ugly.  I may, however, suggest that your baby would look better in a different outfit. 


Regardless of the level of edit, I will read your story more than once. I read from start to finish while sitting on my hands. Then I go back, read it again, this time with an eye to improvement. Sometimes it’s a matter of incorrect spelling and punctuation, which means a quick turnaround and only two readings.  Sometimes it’s a matter of shifting scenes around, sharpening dialogue, and throwing more conflict at the main character. If that’s the case, and a revision is needed, I will read the story a minimum of three times. 

Manuscript Critique: .010¢ per word ($500 for 50,000 words)

If you belong to a writing group, chances are your critique partners will provide you with confirmation that your story is on track, as well as constructive criticism about where it is not working. If no one other than friends and family have read your book, I suggest a manuscript critique.  Before I start on the critique, expect the following questions:

What are the GMCs of your characters?

What are the holes your characters are trying to fill? 

What concerns you about the story?

  • Character strength
  • Clearly defined goals
  • Clear motivation to drive those goals
  • Enough conflict
  • Plausible plot
  • Good resolution

I will evaluate your work providing feedback on theme, plot, character development, and story arc. I will highlight places that shine and suggest ways to strengthen other areas. 

Line editing or copy editing are NOT included

Line editing: .010¢ per word ($500 for 50,000 words)

This is a line-by-line edit of your work to address the story on a sentence level. This is very helpful for highlighting inconsistencies that may bump the reader out of the book. This pass includes a copy edit. This is perfect for the first-time author who has had critique partners provide input. The following items are included: 

Issues such as discrepancies in the timeline, character descriptions, and plot holes are pointed out
Verification & revision of factual inconsistencies or suspected errors
Revision of awkward, wordy passages
Major structural issues are NOT included

Copy editing: .008¢ per word ($400 for 50,000 words)

If your work has been critiqued and line edited, this pass addresses the following: 

Correct errors in capitalization, hyphenation, spelling, grammar, and punctuation on a sentence-by-sentence level 

Query to clarify word choice or terms that may be unfamiliar to readers
Query factual inconsistencies or suspected errors
Story issues and structural problems are NOT included

Manuscript critique and line editing may be combined for .018¢ per word.

I will complete an additional read-through free of charge after the author has had a chance to accept or reject suggested changes. This prevents errors being introduced during the editing process.

Payment information

After we have discussed your project, I will give you an estimate for the time required and cost of services. I require 50% at the start of a project and the balance to be paid once work is completed. 

Fees for projects other than books are determined on an individual basis.