Historical Romance

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 Lynn Winchester,

author of Blessings from Heaven; Lavender's Fire; The Ravishing Rees; A Joyful Song; Katriona's Keeper; The Defender and the Dove; The Rebellious Red 

 "Lynne is such a pleasure to work with. She's affordable, flexible, understanding, professional, thorough, and always delivers when I need her. I cannot imagine a better editor."   

Contemporary Romance

book, cover, fiction, romance, contemporary

 Angel Hilson, 

author of the Electric IMPULSE series


  "Working with Lynne was by far one of the best decisions I've made since starting my journey as a writer. I've written my first women's fiction novel and unfortunately have run into individuals that were less than honest about the services they provided which cost me time and money. Lynne is thankfully NOT one of those individuals. I truly enjoyed working with her and I feel she provides a service that is more than worth it. She has a great habit of finding my blind spots and suggesting ways to fill in the blanks. She's also excellent at bringing the reader into the full sensory experience by adding elements I hadn't thought of. If you're thinking of working with her, DO IT! You'll be glad you did! I know I'll be coming back after I've written book two in the series."

Paranormal Romance

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Celeste Deveney,

author of Three Days to Love 

 "I needed someone to edit my manuscript on two levels: for plot/character/pacing and also for grammar/punctuation/spelling.  Lynne took the time to go through my book, flag the “speed bumps” that would pull a reader out of the narrative and suggest possible alternatives, as well as note errors in mechanics. She was easy to work with and my novel is stronger for her expertise. Thanks, Lynne!”


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Lynn Brown,

author of Three: From the Beginning to End

 "Lynne was my editor, and I loved saying that, for my first nonfiction book Three.  I appreciated her thorough process from the very beginning. She was quick to respond, accurate, and made wonderful suggestions. I could contact Lynne about anything and she would review everything I sent her way. Because of her process, I was able to locate problems with names and people in Three that needed a change. This is not a small task with a 346-page novel. Lynne made everything easy for me and even handled formatting issues with my designer Mike Inks. The entire editing process was perfect and Lynne was terrific. Thank you Lynne!


Children's Books

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Karen Ullery,

author of Bodyopolis and the Vitamin Heroes

  "Editing has never been so fun and easy! Lynne is a true master at her craft. Her attention to detail and her eye for style and flow are beyond anyone I have worked with. It is nice to move onto publishing with confidence! Thank you Lynne!"

Young Adult

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Ellyn Oaksmith,

author of Chasing Nirvana

"Lynne did an excellent job editing my YA novel, Chasing Nirvana.  Not only did Lynne comb through the manuscript for period details, geography, timeline, and vernacular continuity, as well as the usual grammar and typos, she suggested reordering scenes and honing dialogue.  It made all the difference. I'm already talking to Lynne about my next manuscript."