MMF Historical Romance


 Anne Shaw,

author of  The Eccentric Earl, My Rakish Lord, and One Wild Ride. 

 "I was referred to Lynne by an editor friend of mine who had heard good things about her. My friend was right. I’ve worked with Lynne on three historical novellas and three contemporary novels.  She has a quick turn-around time and has a great eye for detail.  I’d recommend Lynne to anyone that is looking for a talented editor.”   

Contemporary Romance


 Eve Black, 

author of Unexpected and Vitali


  "Lynne is such a pleasure to work with. She's thorough, flexible, understanding, professional, and always delivers when I need her. I cannot imagine a better editor."

Paranormal Romance


Celeste Deveney,

author of Three Days to Love  and Three Days to Choose

 " My second novel was due to the publishing house when I was in the middle of selling my home and moving. I had a deadline looming, but was so distracted, I didn’t even know if the novel held together or not. Thank God Lynne did a fast edit for me. She pointed out pacing issues, areas where the exterior plot needed to be strengthened (or more often, cut back) and places where my heroine needed to be fleshed out more. I’m proud of the finished novel and grateful for her keen editing eye."


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Lynn Brown,

author of Three: From the Beginning to End

 "Lynne was my editor, and I loved saying that, for my first nonfiction book Three.  I appreciated her thorough process from the very beginning. She was quick to respond, accurate, and made wonderful suggestions. I could contact Lynne about anything and she would review everything I sent her way. Because of her process, I was able to locate problems with names and people in Three that needed a change. This is not a small task with a 346-page novel. Lynne made everything easy for me and even handled formatting issues with my designer Mike Inks. The entire editing process was perfect and Lynne was terrific. Thank you Lynne!


Children's Books

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Karen Ullery,

author of Bodyopolis and the Vitamin Heroes

  "Editing has never been so fun and easy! Lynne is a true master at her craft. Her attention to detail and her eye for style and flow are beyond anyone I have worked with. It is nice to move onto publishing with confidence! Thank you Lynne!"



Jerome Stewart

author of From Mountains to Morales; Stories of Bolivia

 "Positive yet critical feedback. Thorough and accurate. Creative yet pragmatic. That’s what I want in an editor. Lynne delivers. She edited my last book – pointing out errors and misspellings that I’ve made for years – and provided sound counsel to help me maneuver some of the tricky spots. (Oh, and she came up with the title.) I’m looking forward to our next engagement."