Author to Author Volume 2


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December  10, 2017

I am almost finished reading a book that is not particularly good. At times, I considered adding it to my reject pile, but something kept pulling me back.

This happens to me a lot.    

In the past, I have kicked many books to the curb without a backwards glance. But since becoming a professional reader, I have become a more compassionate reader.

Yes, I managed to say that with a straight face.

The thing is, I have great respect for writers, particularly writers who have the grit and stamina to finish a book. And writers who are then willing to share their work with the world? Wow.

Which is why I don’t post negative reviews on social media or Amazon. Especially for books that have been self-published. Often, self-published books have never been professionally edited and have significant errors. I understand authors thinking that they are saving themselves some money, but in the long run, a negative review can cost a lot more than a proof-read.

An author’s first book is often not their best book. Like everything else, writing improves with practice. One friend gives an author a two-book try, before making a judgement. Another friend, when encountering a new author, does not start with the author’s first book. Not a bad idea, but difficult if it is the start of a series.

So tonight, I will finish reading that book, and appreciate the author’s efforts to take a story from an idea to publication.