I assist authors in polishing their work, transforming rough diamonds into sparkling gems.

My editing bible is the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition, which lives on my bookshelf beside my well-used copy of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition.

I will never tell you that your baby is ugly.  I may, however, suggest that your baby would look better in a different outfit. 

Editorial Experience


THE MANANA METHOD (creative nonfiction) February 2017

THREE (memoir) May 2017


FINDING AMELIA (historical children's fiction) July 2017 

MUSIC FOR THE MOGUL (contemporary romance) August 2017

CHASING NIRVANA (young adult fiction) August 2017 

SUNSET IN EL SUR (contemporary romance) October 2017 

TEXAS TASMANIAN (contemporary romance) March 2018 

SUNRISE, SUNSET (short stories) March 2018

BLESSINGS FROM HEAVEN (historical romance) April 2018 

VITALI (erotic fiction) May 2018

DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME TODAY LORD (contest entry) May 2018

LAVENDER’S FIRE (short story) June 2018

OUT OF THE BLUR (non-fiction) July 2018

THE RAVISHING REES (historical romance) July 2018

DEATH, TAXES, AND CHERRY PIE (cozy mystery) August 2018

ELECTRIC IMPULSE (contemporary romance) September 2018

THE USE OF KINGS (fantasy) September 2018

A JOYFUL SONG (historical romance) October 2018

FILLING THE VOID; VOICES FROM THE NONE ZONE (essay collection) November 2018

KATRIONA’S KEEPER (historical romance) December 2018

IMAGINARY ESCAPE (romantic suspense) March 2019

THE DEFENDER AND THE DOVE (historical romance) March 2019

MY RAKISH LORD (Victorian erotic romance) May 2019

THE ECCENTRIC EARL (Victorian erotic romance) May 2019

QUARTERBACK SNEAK  (sports romance) June 2019

VEGAS BABY (sports romance) July 2019

THE REBELLIOUS RED (historical romance) July 2019

CAPTAIN C (illustrated children's book) July 2019

References available upon request